Soothe your body and soul

Surrender to the allure of Euforia and let your senses soar: swim, soak, and refesh in our pool, jacuzzi, dry sauna, and wet sauna. Relax in the living room with a captivating library. Pure happiness is here.

The pool

Our interior pool is more than just a place, is an invitation to embrace the present moment, to find solace in simplicity, and to emerge refreshed, recharged. Come, take a deep breath, and let the water wash away the cares of the day, leaving you replenished and revitalized.


Dive in a soothing warmth, as delicate bubbles dance along your body. Surrender to blissful respite, emerging renewed and invigorated, ready to embrace the world anew.

Dry & Wet Spa

Experience profound relaxation and the perfect balance of restfulness in our sauna retreat. Feel the tender droplets caress your skin, as the atmosphere saturates with a sense of renewal and vitality.

Living room – la Biblioteq

Feel free to cozy up in one of our comfortable reading corners, relax on the terrace with a enchantic sea view, or take a book to enjoy in the comfort of your room. Our shelves are filled with a wide selection of titles, especially classics, for you to discover.


Welcome to Euforia Gym, where art and fitness intertwine to create a truly extraordinary journey. Adorned with captivating object art and paintings, it’s a gym like no other.

Seaside oasis

revive your spirit, revitalize your body.


66 Mării Street, Eforie Sud


0040 738 111 155

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